Master Keys Week 1

MKMMA week 1

 This is the first week of a program I am starting it called the Master Keys it goes for 26 weeks. I was told about this program a few years ago from a friend and I didn’t choose to apply at that time. Now I feel totally ready to commit to this program and invest this time in myself. I feel that when you are truly ready for something it will show up is amazing ways, I have been asking for more and feel like this is the next step in my evolution. I started down this path of self-discovery about 12 years ago I have grown and changed in the most unimaginable ways and am really enjoying the journey, the ups, and downs, the twist, and turns. and everything in between. I have been feeling lately that I have gotten in a “comfort zone” which doesn’t always feel very “comfortable”. This first week I have been excited, nervous, and a little off but I was reassured by the presenters to relax and that is normal when reprograming the subconscious mind.

I am very grateful I was excepted into this program with a Pay it Forward Scholarship and am looking forward as to what I can create as a result of the changes I am making!

Sue Silva


One thought on “Master Keys Week 1”

  1. Aloha, Sue! Your Blog Rover friend, Loren, here. Based upon the excellent way you’ve described your 12-year evolution, including this, “I have gotten in a “comfort zone” which doesn’t always feel very “comfortable,” I can’t think of anything better to lift you out of the fog, and help you see and reach those higher levels of development reserved just for you, than the MKE 6-month program. By the way, Mark puts great emphasis on his students becoming self-directed thinkers. Does that remind you of anything? Bravo! On your decision to take the leap!

    That said, I must say I was surprised, amazed, thrilled to hear from Jacqui that you two had applied and been accepted into the program. When the blog roll came out, I immediately
    searched to see if you were both listed. You weren’t… Or so I thought. Regarding you, for example, I didn’t realize I should of been looking under the S’s, and not the M’s, until Julie emailed me the names of the members I am to follow this year. While the why(s) may forever remain unknown, the fact that there are “no accidents” is no mystery, and pleases me to no end!

    So much more to say, I’ll save it for another day. 🙂


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