Master Key Week 2 Loving this Course

Master Key Week 2 Loving this Course!

Wow! I made through week 2, I am really enjoying this course.  I have been doing my homework every day starting to get into a grove. I met my guide and am learning how to use Marco Polo.  I watched week 2 webinar on Sunday and I find myself very interested in the lessons, I enjoyed the PPN exercise and was surprised at which ones chose, I think sometimes you can change the PPN if feel it needs to be so I will explore that. I am still revising my DMP and am a little confused on that, I am sure I will figure it out, my guide assured me that it would be okay.

I really enjoyed the Webinar about reading faster it was very easy to understand and well put together. I have been practicing the reading and I did increase my speed Yay! I feel fortunate to have been exposed to some of this information before but a lot of it is also new.

What I really love about this is the amazing support everyone is super helpful and puts your mind at ease. I am super excited to see what each week brings and who I will become in the process. See you next week!

Sue Silva


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