Master Keys Week 4

Master Keys Week 4

This week I finally feel I am getting into a rhythm with the exercises. I really enjoyed the supplemental video this week as I have been studying this information for quite a few years now. I have been observing and recognizing the habits I have that starting to be replaced with good habits I especially liked the Master Keys in week 4. Even though I have been studying this information I feel like I am gaining a deeper understanding of what it takes to reprogram “Subby”.

I am already starting to create new habits I have been doing yoga daily all week because I wrote it on the card, I was having trouble with being consistent with exercise I noticed that the reasons I was not doing it regularly were just excuses as to why I didn’t have a time and when in reality I can make time for something I love!

I believe this was one of the best decisions I made all year, to take this course. There is work that needs be done each week it can be a challenge but I am up for the challenge. I believe in asking a lot of questions when you are looking for things to change and I was asking for something new to really keep me accountable. So I believe this course found me and I am excited to see what my life will be like at the end of this course. “I can be what I will to be”

Sue s


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