Master Keys Week 5

Master Keys Week 5

I am learning to be the observer, this week had it’s set of challenges unforeseen circumstances that took me from my schedule instead of judging the situation I observed my response to the situation and  I was able to stay on task and keep up with my reading and daily sits and get back on track pretty quickly.  One of the statements I put in my DMP is about attracting more Speaking engagements and I was Just asked by one of the Health and Psychic Fairs, to speak at one of their monthly meetings next year, How does it get any better than that?

This week also they had asked us to not have any opinions, this is a challenge because just about everything is an opinion, I felt like this exercise created more awareness as to how many things are opinions or points of view.

One of the assignments for this week was the press release, I was nervous about writing it but found that once I started writing it started to flow with ease and I rather enjoyed the process.

So far I am pleased with this program and also proud of myself for sticking to it this far, even though I have not been perfect I have been able to keep up with the assignments thus far. I am looking forward to week 6 and beyond.

Sue Silva



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