Master Keys Week 10

Master Keys Week 10

I have been working to stay on task and keep up with the demands of this program some of the exercises and requirements are easier than others for me. I am focused on giving this program 100% plus effort and I decided to use that same philosophy in all areas of my life.  I am increasing my intensity in my exercise as well and I have been consistent with exercise for almost three weeks, Yay! I do understand and  I am grateful for this program.





My successes this week are more peace and ease I feel like I am not bothered by things people say or do as much I used to be. In the past, I would feel like I would have to defend myself when my husband or others would say something, I have been work on responding and not reacting for quite of few years, but it now seems to be natural and with ease.

It is so much fun seeing myself change and grow, I am increasing in confidence and my beliefs in myself are changing.

This Is the last day for scroll II in The Greatest Salesman I really Love reading scroll II, I will miss it as we start Scroll III tomorrow. I am sure I will learn to love all of them equally as well.

Happy December!

Sue Silva


2 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 10”

    1. Sue – It’s a step at a time with some real changes in your life. Your narrative seems unassuming, but the changes are awesome!


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