Master Keys Week 11

Master Keys Week 11

I am whole, perfect, strong, Powerful, loving, harmonious and, happy! I believe this was in the Master Key reading last week and we wrote it on our cards. It was taking me a minute to actually memorize the order of this affirmation and one day I just started saying consistently for a couple of hours and now I repeat it several times  a day.  I really like this affirmation!

This week has been fun and I have actually noticed I am catching the negative self talk and substituting dis empowering thoughts for empowering ones .


I have many affirmations on  my desk that have to do with happiness that I have had for many years . Things like “Happiness is a choice” , ” Happiness an inside job.  Don’t  assign anyone else that much power over your life” ,”Happiness is Something  that you ARE and it comes from the way you think.” I find it interesting that I have been looking at these for years, but since I started taking this course I am starting to really understand true Happiness and choosing it for me no matter what anyone else chooses for themselves.

I also am working on more kindness with myself and acknowledging  the things I am doing well and just improving on the ones that are more challenging .  I realized that i tend to be a perfectionist and I am shifting my focus to just enjoying Journey and becoming  a greater version of myself each day!

“Times flies when you are having fun” I can’t believe we are already going into week 12. I look forward to the lesson each week.

Sue Silva


3 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 11”

  1. I love the quote that you wrote, “Happiness is Something that you ARE and it comes from the way you think.” That is so true. I’m glad that the other affirmations are working for you. I love them too. I’m glad that you are happier now in week 12.


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