Master Keys Week 13

Master Keys Week 13

This week has really tested my ability to reprogram and change “subby” I am on Vacation visiting my family in Las Vegas, this part was easy I planned well brought all my materials have kept up on my daily reads and sits. The challenging part was when I was enjoying my family time with my amazing niece and nephew and I received a phone call from a friend that told me our dear friend and Mentor had passed away suddenly on Tuesday, I have been on the phone talking to other friends who know him and between the tears and sleepless nights it has made it more difficult than ever to stay on task even though I am mourning and it has been harder, I am holding up pretty well. I pushed myself through the grief and am continuing on my studies, realizing my dreams is even more important now I know that all my mentor wanted is to see me succeed. Steve “digger” Fagan yo will be missed by many!


I am so grateful for this course because of me reading the scrolls and doing I have noticed my habits are changing in the most amazing ways. I am seeing subtle reminders that the universe has my back, like when my sister in law dropped me off to get my hair done and I needed a ride back to their house, I was going to take a LYFT and my friend who is a LYFT driver called me and brought me home for free. How does it get any better that!


2 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 13”

  1. Well Ms Suzy Q, I stayed on the 5PM call far longer than I intended to do. Thus I missed the second call, making it two weeks in a row. Heard your tribute to Steve, and why you so well him came to know. What a treat to have him show you the sights of NY city the way he did, etc,. etc,.

    It’s such a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to monitor your progress through the MKE program the way I have. NICE!!! 🙂

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