Master Keys Week 14

Master Keys Week 14

The New year is upon us and through the years I have viewed the New Year very differently based on my growth as a person.


  When I was a child my mom would make the same resolution every year, my parents didn’t drink so they would get with friends on New years eve and buy tons of junk food and eat until midnight. The next day my mom would stop eating candy she would only last about a month most of the time.

As I got older I would make resolutions,  it seems like most people make resolutions every year even though they don’t really work. I eventually started to observed how many new programs come out at New years and the gym is packed for about a month.

The last few years I have grown and view things differently I now use the New Year to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. I use this as a new beginning or a fresh start. This has been working well for me so far but I am always open to learning and growing when receiving new information.

Doing this course has brought me a new awareness yet again on how to approach the New Year, I still like the idea about reflecting on the past year and seeing what can be improved on but I have decided that I do not have to wait for the year to end because every day is a new beginning! In the fabulous words of OG Mandino ” The Greatest Salesman in the World” scroll III, ” I will forget the happenings of the day that is gone, whether they were good or bad, and greet the new sun with confidence that this will be the best day of my life”.

Sue Silva




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