Master Keys Week 16

Master Keys Week 16

last week we started a chart with virtues and this week everyone was to observe and show kindness. I really enjoyed this week I always make it a point to show kindness and feel that I am a kind person but this was fun because I got to read the other comments of kindness, and looked for kindnesses all around. Even before the call, we had just experienced a heavy wind storm and my neighbors lost power I texted her and made her a full pot of fresh coffee and my husband heled the other neighbor fix her car. I was able to recognize  Kindnesses all around me and I think I will continue to show more kindness on a daily basis. I was able to gift a healing session today and I enjoy helping others feel better. I liked thinking of new ways to show kindness even though I was home all week I found ways online to show kindness by sharing inspiring quotes on Facebook.


I am really enjoying this course, I am learning a lot about myself how small daily activities are changing the way I think and see the world. The exercise in the Master Keys this week was to look at how harmony and happiness are states of consciousness and do not depend on the possession of things. Even though I have been studying this for several years, I have a deeper understanding and am becoming more aware of when I am Harmonious and Happy from within and recognizing when outside influences affect my mood.





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