Master Keys Week 17 HJ

Master Keys Week 17 HJ

This week has been fun I am learning to let myself off the hook a little bit and really enjoy this amazing journey I have chosen. I have been improving skills of becoming the observer. I really feel I am becoming my future self. I am creating new habits and love reading every day. It was fun going back and reading the previous Master Keys this week.

I was listening to a webcast from one of my Mentors and the question she asked was What is your life worth living for you? Which reminds me of the question what lights you up or what motivates you? I have been finding a lot of synchronicities and similarities with the Master Keys and what is being taught here. Also on the same webinar, the presenter was talking about when you change something to get a different result is it the thing you did that worked or the choice to change it that creates? An example of this would be, say someone wants to lose 15lbs so they change their diet and exercise and over time they reach the goal. The question is, is it solely the eating healthy and exercise or does it start with the choice to make the change? This reminds me of a saying one of my mentors would say success is only a decision away!

This week went back and read other Master Key weeks I really enjoyed the review of past Master Keys. I also had gotten asked to co-host a weekly webinar that I have been wanting to do! I am enjoying this journey and plan to finish strong.

Sue Silva


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