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Press release

New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson

Announcer: On today’s show we have Sue Silva from Auburn, WA

After arriving in WA in 2007 Sue Silva a bestselling author, Holistic Health Coach, Motivational Speaker and Energetic healer who went from homeless to owning a Million-dollar company in just a few short years … She is going to give us an idea as to what it takes to make these changes to living your best life!

ML: Hello Sue welcome to the show

SS: Hello Margaret Happy to be here

ML: So tell me a little about how you got started it says you were homeless in 2007.

SS: Yes that is true I received a letter in 2006 that started me down the path of self-discovery , My husband and I and two boys were living in Las Vegas with my father , because of unforeseen circumstances we lost our house in Las Vegas, moving to WA to be closer to our Daughter and Grandson we ended up staying in a motel for 9 months then buying a house in the country 7 years later. I was a stay at home mom but also wanted to have a home-based business. Because I am multi-passionate I started reading many self-help books and started learning about health and wellness I switched my diet and went to school to become a Holistic Health Coach, I continued to study Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and Energetic Process called Access Consciousness   and became an Access Bars Facilitator where  certify people to become a bars practitioner and later on I became a certified Facilitator with Access so I could create more consciousness on the planet .

ML: This sounds very interesting. Can you tell me more about your business?

SS: I sure can, My Friend Angela and I had realized we had similar interests so in 2015 we started Integrated Healthy Solutions LLC, Integrating Mind * Body and * Energy for Optimal Health and Longevity!

We understand the mind and body connection to health and healing and help our clients on their individual personalized journey to finding their true purpose in life when one finds that purpose the routine rut disappears.

ML: You are a busy lady I see you have written a best-selling book on your journey and you recently were asked to do a TED talk what was that about?

SS: Yes, I am, I love what I do when you love what you do, you can live an exhilarated life and it doesn’t even feel like work. The Ted talk was about how I give back traveling all over the country speaking at High Schools and Colleges talking about self-love, and how they can protect themselves from being bullied by finding their purpose.

ML: You also have started a foundation for the children, haven’t you?

SS:  Yes, I am grateful for my journey, I have been through ups and down, I wanted to help children at a younger age to find their purpose and know how to claim their power, so they could minimize the struggle and become the persons they were meant to be.

ML: Thank you, Sue, for the great work you are doing and Thank you for coming on the Show and sharing your story with us today.

SS: Thank you, Margaret, it was a pleasure being here.