Master Keys Week 23

Master Keys Week 23

Here we are on the home stretch of this course …I can’t believe it has been almost 6 months since we started on this journey.  I particularly liked the Master Key lesson for this week.  “Fear is just the opposite from money consciousness; it is poverty consciousness, and the law is unchangeable we get exactly what we give; if we fear we get what we feared. Money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence: it engages the best thoughts of the best minds.” this made so much sense to me, I have noticed times in my life that I let fear stop me I had no money.

I understand this little thing called fear, I have let it stop me most of my life and get in the way of my dreams and goals, anywhere from not saying something to someone (standing up for myself) to the really big decisions in life that would have catapulted my success.  I am grateful for the path I have taken through this journey of self-discovery has been an amazing ride and I am excited as to where it will lead me to next. This blog is just one of the fears conquered, I used to judge just about every word that I would type so much so that even a simple post on facebook would be deleted before it was even posted. I am just really grateful for this course. I have become more joyful and happy this past 6 months and am creating the life I always dreamed of.

Sue Silva

Master Keys 22a

Master keys 22a

This week was a self-directed week I have also had a full week with family stuff and I am preparing for a new webinar that I have been asked to do. I am very excited about this project it is once again another way to get me out of my comfort zone because first of all I am learning webinar jam and, second I am getting comfortable being seen on video rather than hiding behind the phone. I have been doing phone calls as a mentor for the last 6 years, so I am loving the new challenge.

The scroll marked VI started this month, this scroll talks about mastering the emotions, I like how it ties into the webinar from week 22. My Favorite part is: “Each day when I awaken, I will follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure—

If I feel depressed I will sing.

If I feel sad I will laugh.

If I feel ill I will double my labor.

If I feel fear I will plunge ahead.

If I feel fear I will wear new garments.

If I feel uncertain I will raise my voice.

If I feel poverty I will think of wealth to come.

If I feel incompetent I will remember past success.

If I feel insignificant I will remember my goals.

Today I will be the master my emotions”.

I cannot say that I am a full master of my emotions but I am improving every day.



Master Keys Week 22

Master Keys Week 22

Here we are in week 22 and I am plugging away and I loved the webinar, this week Davene talked about using our emotions, fear, guilt, unworthiness, hurt feelings, and anger, we can use these as tools to get ourselves out of the comfort zone and catapult our success. attaching a different feeling to these words using the law of duel thought can create change,  example fear requires an enormous amount of energy so you can redirect it to facilitate change.

I have been using these tools this week as I have identified where I still have these emotions fear , guilt , and unworthiness are the ones that i identified and I am becoming less fearful now that I know how to look at things differently.

I also loved the Master Keys for this week , 2 says “If the state of our health is not all that could be desired, let us examine our method of thinking; let us remember that every thought produces an impression on the mind; every impression is a seed which will sink into the subconscious and form a tendency; the tendency will be to attract other similar thoughts and before we know it we shall have a crop which must be harvested. I am fascinated by the mind and Neuroplasticity, Dr. Joe Dispenza say,   we can change our reality by changing our personality. I aways say “Health starts in the mind and so does Disease,” we can create ourselves healthy or sick with power of our minds and beliefs.

Sue Silva


Master Keys Week 21

Master Keys Week 21

This week I had missed the Sunday call as I was teaching a class, I went back and watched it later in the week.  I have to admit I missed being on the Webinar live. I really enjoy being on the mastermind at the end of the Webinar . This course has been the most fun and exciting and the most challenging thing I have ever done I am enjoying the new habits I am creating at the same time to be honest I have had a few challenges keeping up with this course. It is showing me how ingrained we are with our habits. I feel I am cracking the cement slowly but surly!

I am a facilitator for an Energy healing modality called Access Bars. Every time I teach a class it reminds me how much I love teaching and training people. I realized that my whole life I have enjoyed teaching .  When I was younger I used to work in retail sales and waitressing  and I would often ask the manager to allow me to train the new hires and I even home schooled my son for 4 years.  The best part about changing habits is the person I am becoming I meet a new “Sue” everyday and I am showing myself what I am truly capable of.

Sue Silva

Master Keys week 20

Master Keys Week 20

I am really enjoy this months read, I love how each month adds to the last this months is scroll V and it is all about Staying in the moment. The first line is “I  live this day as if it were  my last .” I am learning to really be present in every moment and let the past go, I used to spend a lot of time there but not anymore, for a while now if anyone brings up the Past I say “It happened 5 minutes ago leave it in the past and let it go. one of my favorite parts of this scroll is, “Procrastination I destroy with action; doubt I bury under faith fear I dismember with confidence. It talks about living each day as if it were your last and savoring each moment, spending time with the one’s you love and working harder and with more intensity than ever before. “I live this day as if it were my last, and if it is not, I shall fall on my knees and give thanks.

This reminds me of a tool that I use  on a daily basis which is live in 10 second increments, where you ask the question, You have 10 seconds to live your life, what do you choose? Choice creates your reality not the other way around.  This program is very in-depth and I have struggled to keep up from time to time, I do love it though because I know if I stick with it the changes in me and  my thinking will be totally different, i am already seeing evidence of it.

Thank you,

Sue Silva


















Master Keys Week 19

Master Keys Week 19

I had such a positive week last week , and this week brought some challenges. I am really beginning to understand  the power of the Subconscious beliefs and how the old programs are still trying to take over in times of stress. I bounced back rather quickly though. After an amazing week of things turning around and evidence of some of my targets on my DMP coming true we had an incident. On Superbowl Sunday went to the grocery store to get a few items for the week, we were gone about 30 minutes came back and someone had broken into our house and stole my laptop, one of a kind  antique Jewelry  and computer bag with all my cards we have created for the Master Keys and other books on consciousness. I am grateful that no one was here and we are all safe.

I love this program because it really is helping me to see things differently even though I had this indecent life goes on and it doesn’t discount all the positive things that are happening in my life. I have learned to enjoy the journey and find the “teaching moments” in all the ups and downs of life. I will continue to move forward and become the person I am meant to be.

Master Keys Week 18

Master Keys Week 18

I am really having an amazing side effect from this course not only have I been happier I am feeling an increase in my self-confidence and am trusting myself in everything I am doing. I had some great results from the implementing the questions, ” What are you pretending not to know ?” and ” What would your future self do next? I have been using these questions and with all the other exercises the results I amazing. I am doing things that now in the past I was paralyzed by unnecessary fear.  I find myself trusting myself more and it is paying off big time.  I have this new venture that I started working on and basically, it is an App for the phone, a potential customer found out through a video that there is a way to demonstrate the app by remote boosting, I had not “learned” this procedure prior to talking to him and I was able to reduce his pain rather quickly.

This week I picked for my word of the week in the Franklin Makeover challenge well-organized, even though I thought I was unorganized, I did find ways I am well-organized this is really teaching me I have more of the quality than I realized. It is getting easier to recognize the positives in life instead of focusing on the negative.

We started a new Scroll today “the scroll marked V in the “Greatest Salesman” this one is all about being in the present moment. and not worrying about tomorrow or today. I will live this day as if it were my last. I have one life and life is naught but a measurement of time.

Sue Silva