Master Key Experience Week 3

Master Key Week 3

Wow, It is hard to believe that we are finishing week 3 heading into week 4. I have been working diligently on changing my DMP and, I have really been enjoying the reading and the 15-minute meditation. My week started out on a high note and I am finishing in a really good place, I did have an interesting day on Tuesday where I felt for a spell, a  little low on energy after asking a lot of questions I realized that I was focusing on the habits that have not yet changed, instead of the progress I am making I realize that changes do not happen all at once but they will happen!  I decided to give myself a break, and be thankful for this amazing opportunity that I have been given.

For the last 10 years, I have been studying this type of information I understand and use in my coaching things like “You get what you think about most of the time”, Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring himself to believe he can achieve. ” If you believe you can or believe you can’t, either way, you are right.” Even though I have been studying Law of Attraction and read a ton a “self-help books” this course came to me at the perfect time I was ready for something new. I am loving the Masterminds and I am grateful for my coach and tribe. This program rocks! Here’s to the next evolution of this amazing Journey  I call life!

Sue Silva

Master Key Week 2 Loving this Course

Master Key Week 2 Loving this Course!

Wow! I made through week 2, I am really enjoying this course.  I have been doing my homework every day starting to get into a grove. I met my guide and am learning how to use Marco Polo.  I watched week 2 webinar on Sunday and I find myself very interested in the lessons, I enjoyed the PPN exercise and was surprised at which ones chose, I think sometimes you can change the PPN if feel it needs to be so I will explore that. I am still revising my DMP and am a little confused on that, I am sure I will figure it out, my guide assured me that it would be okay.

I really enjoyed the Webinar about reading faster it was very easy to understand and well put together. I have been practicing the reading and I did increase my speed Yay! I feel fortunate to have been exposed to some of this information before but a lot of it is also new.

What I really love about this is the amazing support everyone is super helpful and puts your mind at ease. I am super excited to see what each week brings and who I will become in the process. See you next week!

Sue Silva

Master Keys Week 1

MKMMA week 1

 This is the first week of a program I am starting it called the Master Keys it goes for 26 weeks. I was told about this program a few years ago from a friend and I didn’t choose to apply at that time. Now I feel totally ready to commit to this program and invest this time in myself. I feel that when you are truly ready for something it will show up is amazing ways, I have been asking for more and feel like this is the next step in my evolution. I started down this path of self-discovery about 12 years ago I have grown and changed in the most unimaginable ways and am really enjoying the journey, the ups, and downs, the twist, and turns. and everything in between. I have been feeling lately that I have gotten in a “comfort zone” which doesn’t always feel very “comfortable”. This first week I have been excited, nervous, and a little off but I was reassured by the presenters to relax and that is normal when reprograming the subconscious mind.

I am very grateful I was excepted into this program with a Pay it Forward Scholarship and am looking forward as to what I can create as a result of the changes I am making!

Sue Silva